My Imperfect Family

We all have a family and it’s undoubtedly flawed. Despite the best intentions of our parents or ourselves,...


July 18, 2021
Do you think you're too broken to make an impact on someone else's life? The story of Paul...


August 1, 2021
Barnabas was a generous, kind man who was full of grace and became known as the 'Son of...

Spiritual Mismatches

April 25, 2021
In every relationship, misalignment is already built-in; one person’s likes, habits and hobbies may be in contrast to...

Healing Imperfections

April 11, 2021
When relationships are messy and disappointing we look to the principles provided in scripture - forgiveness, grace, mercy...

Bless Me

May 2, 2021
We all crave affirmation and long for a respected person to respect us and tell us we are...

Imperfect Parents

May 9, 2021
Parenting is difficult. As children grow and develop, they change; they continue to develop their personalities and understanding...

Part 2

May 23, 2021
There are lots of voices, some good and some dangerous. Have you decided which voice is going to...

Pursue Wisdom over Escapism

October 25, 2020
The invitation of the Teacher is to be a wise person – someone who realizes that living a...

Seize the Day

November 1, 2020
Live life with intentionality. The life you have today comes from God’s hand as a gift. You have...


September 19, 2021
When I compare myself to others, if I sense I’m doing better than someone, I feel superior and...


September 26, 2021
It’s likely that our generation experiences more distraction than any other generation in history. We touch our smart...


August 29, 2021
Rahab—a prostitute—was never expected to help protect two important men, let alone orchestrate their escape. But God sees...

Jonathan & David

August 22, 2021
We put a lot of focus on family and romantic relationships in day-to-day life—however, the life-giving power of...

A Toxic Combination

November 14, 2021
In the Christian community some see divorce as among the worst sins, the mark of failure, a pathway...

The Mindset

April 23, 2022
Repairing broken relationships hinges on our minds remaining open to restoration.

The Humility

April 30, 2022
Repairing broken relationships hinges on someone’s willingness to make the first move.

The First Step

May 7, 2022
Repairing broken relationships starts with sober, self-assessment.

The Art

May 14, 2022
Repairing broken relationships requires committing to the art of reconciliation.

Stop Going To Church (Part 1)

September 3, 2022
Full participation in a church is a way of rebelling against consumer desire becoming the center of your...

Stop Going To Church (Part 2)

September 10, 2022
Full participation in a church includes committing to a small circle (that you don’t necessarily choose) therefore demonstrating...

The Ethic of Love

September 17, 2022
Parent’s behaviour (not their advice or instruction) is a dominant factor in determining whether children will want to...

Purposeful Discipline

September 24, 2022
Punishment shouldn’t be the goal of discipline. Biblically speaking, restoration and the preservation of the relationship is always...

What Matters Most

October 1, 2022
Most parents, whether they’ve expressed it or not, have something of a ‘true north’ when it comes to...

Wise Discernment

November 5, 2022
Turn from prejudice to mercy. Treat the poor and the rich as equally loved and valued brothers and...

Wise Words

November 19, 2022
Speech is the far frontier and fiercest opponent in our fight to subdue sin.

Wise Power

December 3, 2022
When handled with wisdom, power becomes power for and power with and not power over. Power for empowers...

When Two or Three Gather, God Is There

January 15, 2023
Ruthlessly following Matthew 18 is crucial...most of the time. But there’s a possible downside to insisting that one...

Wise (Final) Instruction

December 17, 2022
The Wisdom of James – final thoughts and instructions.


November 19, 2023
Deeply rooted followers live free from judgement, knowing that the Father will ultimately judge all things (so we...