Heather Allers

Ministry Assistant - Kids Ministries - Life Stages

Lindsay Amyotte

Head Teacher, Treehouse, X-Demographic

Janine Block

Bookings Coordinator

Jennifer Boyce

Head Teacher, Treehouse, X-Demographic

James Choi

Youth Pastor, Senior High, Life Stages

Jeremy Cook

Senior Associate Pastor

Janice Cowan

Human Resources Manager - Ministry Support

Liann Cross

SCA Society Office Manager, X-Demographic

Jenny Davis

Assistant Teacher, Treehouse, X-Demographic

Annemarie Elzinga

Executive Assistant, Life Stages

Rachel Fawcett

Weekends Coordinator, X-Demographic

Jesse Flim

Youth Pastor, Junior High, Life Stages

Shyla Fraess

Hospitality Coordinator, X-Demographic

Mason Haines

Maintenance Coordinator, Facilities

Colleen Hildebrand

Accounting Technician, Ministry Support

Fiona Hilkewich

Executive Assistant, Executive Office, Ministry Support

Greg Hochhalter

Lead Pastor

Sandra Janzen

Accountant, Ministry Support

Brody Jespersen

Senior Associate Pastor

Luke Knoll

Pastor of Hospitality, X-Demographic

Danette Maddigan

Ministry Assistant - Hospitality, X-Demographic

Brad McCoy

Maintenance Technician, Operations

Elden McNaughton

Facilities Manager, Operations

Kiara Moshansky

Life Stages Pastor

Rita Penner

Adults Pastor - Life Stages

Loree Peters

Ministry Assistant II, Adults - Life Stages

Heidi Peters

Assistant Teacher, Treehouse, X-Demographic

Greg Ramsden

Worship Pastor, Weekends, X-Demographic

Wayne Regehr

Executive Pastor

Marcie Rempel

Information Services Manager, Ministry Support

Nadine Roppo

Communications Manager, Ministry Support

Heather Spronk

Treehouse Preschool Manager, X-Demographic

Dianne Szkarlat

Ministry Assistant, Justice & Compassion, X-Demographic

Rebecca Trask

Director of Justice and Compassion - X-Demographic

Dwayne Uglem

Adults Pastor - Life Stages