Bless Me

Greg Hochhalter & Jeremy Cook

Words are powerful. Spoken words, especially words uttered by parents, a spouse, close friends or others we love and respect shape our lives. Some people thrive as a result of the words they’ve received, while others are haunted by the careless, mean-spirited words they’ve received. We all crave affirmation and long for a respected person to respect us and tell us we are good. Sometimes we want this so bad we are willing to do almost anything to get it.
In Genesis 12, that is exactly what Jacob did when he and his mother, Rebecca, conspired to trick his father, Isaac to get what he wanted. Jacob pretended to be his older, twin brother so he could receive the blessing intended for the first-born son. This was not just any blessing like we would think of from today, it was a biblical blessing that spoke to a person’s destiny, almost like a prophecy given by someone in a position of authority who was guided by God’s grace and was able to bestow on another – it was a big deal and it was binding. The actions and the deception of Jacob tore the family apart causing even further dysfunction. Words carry a tremendous weight, and if we receive critique rather than confirmation our life may be marked by some crippling wounds.
Pastor Greg and Pastor Jeremy share a little bit about the environment they grew up in and talk about the words they heard… or didn’t hear. Where there are gaps in their lives, God sent people to fill-in those gaps to replace what wasn’t received. For many of us, we can’t go back, but we can be people who step in and fill those gaps for others. We can be people of blessing looking for opportunity to step-in where kind words, affirmation and blessing may be needed. Wherever there is relationship and influence, there is room for blessing.
This is the full service. Sermon begins at 21:10.

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