Part 2

Rita Penner

Who’s voice are you listening to?
The number of voices that are available to us can be overwhelming and confusing with social media influencers, people weighing in on what you should do or shouldn’t do, self-help books, various experts, there is never a shortage of information to help you make a decision or influence a decision. Sometimes, we are so desperate to fix our situation, we are willing to listen to the right voice to change our situation, help us make a decision or to fix ourselves. We all have a choice on who we follow and who we listen to and there are many voices out there to chose from!
A – Advice. Seek advice from other believers. That is why it is so important to do life with other Christians.
B – Bible. Read God’s word and get to know Jesus by reading about His life. As you begin to learn more you’ll be able to discern more about who He is and what He is not.
C. Common Sense. God gave us a brain for a reason so we can think about what really matters. This also prompts us to ask ourselves if what we are hearing is something Jesus would say?
There are lots of voices, some good and some dangerous. Have you decided which voice is going to be the most important and which one you’re going to trust? It is up to you to decide – to draw a line in the sand... out of all the voices in the world whose voice do you want to lead you?
This is the full service. Sermon begins at 15:56.
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