August 15, 2021
Most of us live life reactively, almost always in response to our circumstances. One of the Bible's messages...

No More NOISE!

September 12, 2021
Distraction has become a masking tool for our souls. Non-stop conventional and social media, screens, and white noise...


October 10, 2021
In a culture gripped by anxiety and fear about the future, Jesus presents a prescription for worry that...

Going Through the Motions

November 7, 2021
A lot of religious people talk about worship as this great experience...for some, it’s tough. It feels unnatural,...


December 5, 2021
Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. When we wonder what God is up to and...

Psalm 42

July 9, 2022
The most helpful antidepressant is the faithfulness and goodness of God.


September 10, 2023
If there’s a sacred practice especially suited to our culture it’s the Sabbath. Our restless hearts need the...


September 17, 2023
In the Genesis story God works for six days and rests on the seventh. In doing so, He...


September 24, 2023
In a culture marked by addiction to the twin drugs of accumulation and accomplishment, the Sabbath is a...