September 19, 2021
When I compare myself to others, if I sense I’m doing better than someone, I feel superior and...

Money Is The Root Of All Evil

January 29, 2023
Money is not the root of ALL evil, but greed, love of money, CAN become evil if we...


February 19, 2023
Hosea’s poetry reveals deep truths about God’s character and human nature. God’s ultimate purpose is to heal and...


February 26, 2023
There is a critical relationship between God’s justice and mercy. If God is good, He has to confront...


March 5, 2023
We cling to God’s proven character and promises when things are looking bleak!


March 12, 2023
It may look like the world is evil and out of control, but the promises of God remain....


March 19, 2023
Within the seemingly contradictory concepts of justice and love is found the future hope for our world.


March 26, 2023
Our choices matter. Our obedience to God (or lack thereof) makes a difference, and plays a role in...


April 2, 2023
God’s hopeful promises remain, even when our lives and the world around us are a wild ride. When...

The Art of Advent | Joseph

December 10, 2023
Joseph’s supportive, background role in the Christmas story is a comfort to those of us who feel like...