Taking some inspiration from classic Christmas songs we bring the Christmas story to life once more beginning most...

Christmas 2020 - The Story of Christmas

We are excited to welcome you, your family, and friends to experience the story of Christmas with Sherwood...

Help My Unbelief!

Why do so many believers bounce between faith and doubt…skepticism and belief? In this series we’ll explain some...


March 28, 2021

The Story of Christmas

December 24, 2020
We are excited to invite you, your family, and friends to experience the story of Christmas with us...

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

November 29, 2020
We are longing for the presence and power of Jesus, especially this year. We need more of Jesus,...

What Child Is This

December 20, 2020
Jesus came in to this world to defeat the darkness. He is the true light, and gives light...

Look to Then

October 4, 2020
Life is full of good times and bad times that we cannot control, but we can pattern our...


Some parts of the Bible are weird! Yes, the Scriptures are full strange stories and characters but in...


October 10, 2021
In a culture gripped by anxiety and fear about the future, Jesus presents a prescription for worry that...


October 24, 2021
Nobody is in a more danger from religion, than the religious, because religion is often toxic. Religion is...

Still Loved

October 31, 2021
We say all the time: ‘God is loving,’ ‘God is love.’ Yet, doesn’t the general tone and tenor...

Help Is On The Way

November 21, 2021
Why doesn’t God fix the world that is and make it more like He intended to be –...


December 5, 2021
Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. When we wonder what God is up to and...

Doomsday Hope

December 12, 2021
What do we do with the religious sense that some people are ‘in’ and some are ‘out?’ The...


December 19, 2021
The grand narrative of the Bible is Good News, not bad. The story of the Bible is NOT...

Christmas Eve 2021 - A Weary World Rejoices

December 24, 2021
The world may be weary, we can rejoice in the hope which each Christmas brings!

Jonah Prays

February 20, 2022
God is never more than one prayer away.

Holy Saturday: In Between

April 16, 2022
Good Friday is a sober day. It’s the day of atonement when Jesus becomes a substitute. Easter is...

Lives Well Lived

May 21, 2022
Never has there been more information available to tell us how to live well. Podcasts. Blogs. Self-help books....

Make Grace Amazing Again

June 11, 2022
Transformation is only possible, through the Grace of Jesus, and the work of his spirit.

Psalm 42

July 9, 2022
The most helpful antidepressant is the faithfulness and goodness of God.

Psalm 121

July 23, 2022
Words to live by when you’re lonely and uncertain...

Psalm 139

August 20, 2022
God knows us, is with us, and His greatest gift is our ability to know and experience Him.

A Summer in the Psalms - Introduction

June 25, 2022
The Psalms are God’s words to us, and our words to God.

Psalm 23

July 2, 2022
There’s a path to peace and contentment, even in the face of darkness and difficulty.

Psalm 63

July 16, 2022
Relief doesn’t require problems to be solved, true relief comes from enduring hope in God’s ultimate salvation.

Psalm 46

August 6, 2022
God’s power is complete and His ultimate victory certain.

Psalm 84

August 13, 2022
There’s no place like home. A spiritual home.

A Summer in the Psalms - Conclusion

August 27, 2022
The Psalms are God’s words to us, and our words to God.

The Ethic of Love

September 17, 2022
Parent’s behaviour (not their advice or instruction) is a dominant factor in determining whether children will want to...

Purposeful Discipline

September 24, 2022
Punishment shouldn’t be the goal of discipline. Biblically speaking, restoration and the preservation of the relationship is always...

What Matters Most

October 1, 2022
Most parents, whether they’ve expressed it or not, have something of a ‘true north’ when it comes to...

Give Thanks

October 8, 2022
For centuries God’s people have been making memorials and acknowledging His blessing, protection, and provision. This is a...

Wise Faith

October 15, 2022
The challenges we experience are not necessarily God’s doing but often they’re opportunities for us to grow in...

Christmas Eve - 2022

December 24, 2022
Experiencing the story of Christmas with one another. The awe and wonder of the shepherds as the...

Christmas Day - 2022

December 25, 2022
Jesus is the Light of the world!

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

January 8, 2023
God helps those who ASK for help!

This Too Shall Pass

February 5, 2023
We gotta be careful what we say to others and to ourselves. Some of what we face in...


February 19, 2023
Hosea’s poetry reveals deep truths about God’s character and human nature. God’s ultimate purpose is to heal and...


February 26, 2023
There is a critical relationship between God’s justice and mercy. If God is good, He has to confront...


March 5, 2023
We cling to God’s proven character and promises when things are looking bleak!


March 12, 2023
It may look like the world is evil and out of control, but the promises of God remain....


March 19, 2023
Within the seemingly contradictory concepts of justice and love is found the future hope for our world.


March 26, 2023
Our choices matter. Our obedience to God (or lack thereof) makes a difference, and plays a role in...


April 2, 2023
God’s hopeful promises remain, even when our lives and the world around us are a wild ride. When...

Holy Saturday

April 8, 2023
The day in between Christ’s death and His resurrection we wait in anticipation. In much the same way...

Easter Sunday

April 9, 2023
He has Risen! On Easter Sunday we celebrate our Saviour’s resurrection and His triumph over death! We will...

Balaam: From Donkey to Doxology

July 9, 2023
A pagan seer for hire, a terrified king, and a talking donkey all point toward God’s promises being...

Jairus: A Synagogue Leader

August 13, 2023
A dad’s heart breaks for his dying little girl. Jesus responds with reassurance: ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.’

The Art of Advent | Emmanuel

December 24, 2023
If God is with us, then so is life and hope.