Living Life Backward

Life is short. We do the same things over and over and over again in a world repeating...

The Cross of Christ

Jesus Christ was executed on a cross by the Romans, and that was the end of his story...


March 21, 2021


March 28, 2021

Stop Pretending

September 20, 2020
If we won't live forever, or even long enough to make a lasting difference in the world, how...

Find Joy in Little Things

September 27, 2020
Facing death can radically enable us to enjoy life. By relativizing all that we do in our days...

Look to Then

October 4, 2020
Life is full of good times and bad times that we cannot control, but we can pattern our...

Think We, Not Me

October 11, 2020
If you can live in this world in such a way that the person or people beside you...

Smile More, Talk Less

October 18, 2020
Listen. The ear is the Christ-followers primary sense organ. LISTENING to what God has said and is saying...

Pursue Wisdom over Escapism

October 25, 2020
The invitation of the Teacher is to be a wise person – someone who realizes that living a...

Own Cluelessness

November 8, 2020
You don’t know what disaster will strike or when it will strike, so be as prepared for it...

Be a Beautiful Old Person

November 15, 2020
It's possible to live so as to make old age very sad, and then it is possible to...

Know Your Why

November 22, 2020
Every duty or responsibility we have toward anyone or anything else, we have toward our God first and...


October 10, 2021
In a culture gripped by anxiety and fear about the future, Jesus presents a prescription for worry that...

Doomsday Hope

December 12, 2021
What do we do with the religious sense that some people are ‘in’ and some are ‘out?’ The...

Good Friday: Sacred Sorrow

April 15, 2022
Loss, pain, sorrow...all these have seemingly been constant in the past 2 years. We grieve and we rage....

Psalm 139

August 20, 2022
God knows us, is with us, and His greatest gift is our ability to know and experience Him.

Good Friday

April 7, 2023
On Good Friday we gather to mourn our Saviour’s death on the cross by centering our focus on...

Holy Saturday

April 8, 2023
The day in between Christ’s death and His resurrection we wait in anticipation. In much the same way...

Jairus: A Synagogue Leader

August 13, 2023
A dad’s heart breaks for his dying little girl. Jesus responds with reassurance: ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe.’