Monica's Life Group: Don't Worry About the Details

October 06, 2021


Courage to Rise is a Life Group that brings together professional women, exploring God's purpose and seeking His wisdom as Christian's leading in a secular workplace.

Over my 20 years attending SPAC, I always looked forward to new seasons at church to see if there was a group I could join to meet people and feel a sense of belonging. That quickly followed with disappointment as nothing seemed to relate to me, my needs, gifts or interests. I continued through the years attending and raising our children at SPAC, but didn't know anyone at church or how to meet people I had something in common with.

Around five years ago, one Sunday Pastor Greg invited the congregation to let the church know if there is a group you would like to start. Instantly I was motivated to develop a group that suited me and what I was looking for. I came home and started writing my ideas, doinb bible research and formulating a proposal to present. The more I wanted to have all the "t's" crossed and "i's" dotted, I realized I didn't have all the answers and needed Pastoral support to develop the curriculum. This ended my motivation and I dropped it.

My life continued to be filled with work and family with little time to work on the woman's group idea so I convinced myself it was pointless, the time has come and gone. It was my eldest daughter that gave me promptings every once in a while over the years, "Mom, how is that woman's ministry coming along?" My answer continued to be, "I don't have the time". When I knew it was me feeling that I'm not enough. But her encouragement kept the idea alive in my heart.


Fast forward to Covid-19 lockdowns, with more time to assess other areas of my life, I worried about my faith growth. I went on the SPAC website and saw that same calling, "Let us know if you would like to start a Life Group." Without thought I wrote in the space provided a few sentences that described the group I wanted to start 5 years earlier. A group for professional women finding God's purpose for them in their career. However, this time I didn't worry about having all the answers. My thought was, if I have lots of questions and feel I don't fit at church, then there must be other professional women feeling the same way. This group can be just that, women seeking God's purpose together with similar lives.

I didn't expect anything to develop, so when my first interested lady stepped forward, I was secretly excited. Even if it's only one person, I was happy with that. Shortly, more interested ladies oined. I had nothing figured in way of curriculum, but by the grace of God, every meeting we were inspired to discuss topics that came naturally to the group that developed into different series.


The best advice I can give is just do it. Make it your own, specific to your needs and what you are seeking. That is God's prompting. There will be others with similar interests and will thank you for starting a group. Don't worry about the details. God will take care of them. That was my biggest takeaway from this past year. Keep it real. Have faith that God will provide the people to help the group grow in His name. You don't need special skills, you don't need to have a curriculum, and you don't need to have everything figured out. God is asking you to take one step forward and he will do the rest.