Find Your Place, Find Your Group

“I never felt like there was a group for me,” Monica admits as she reflects about her motivation to start a Life Group. A seed was planted about five years ago, when a pastor challenged the congregation to consider leading a small group. She tried to imagine what a Life Group would look like, where she felt she fit in, but there wasn’t one that existed. She had a ‘hunch’ there were other women experiencing the same thing. She excitedly researched ideas about starting a Life Group made up of professional Christian women, but at the time, work and life got in the way. Although the timing wasn’t right and Monica’s hope to form a group faded, God’s timing is perfect and Monica’s Life Group vision was not forgotten!

Monica left her previous job earlier this year and joined a new company... then COVID happened. Forced to work at home, she experienced work/life balance. “For the first time in my life, I had space to think.” While Monica admits to not engaging in church service often, on one occasion she did. During that particular service, an invitation was made encouraging people to join or start a Life Group at church. “Maybe this time,” thought Monica. She reached out and took a risk, trying not to get her hopes up too high. Much to Monica’s delight, Adult Ministries provided guidance and helped her connect with other women who happened to be searching for the same thing! “I met with a lady who said she was trying to find a group of working, professional women that she could connect with.”

Being from different areas and leading busy lives, they decided to meet online. “Our Life Group doesn’t even have to be local—God doesn’t recognize borders!” The group now has six members, and counting. “We are still in the exploratory stage and we are talking about our objectives… God is a part of this, and He is leading us.”

Monica hopes that eventually several groups across Canada will exist where professional Christian women can share resources, work together, mentor young professional women all in the name of Jesus. 

April 7, 2021

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