2024 Elder Board

February 02, 2024

2024 Elder Board

Below are the members of the 2024 Elder Board, a group of dedicated individuals called to shepherd our community with wisdom, courage, and love. All of these members have been elected in by the members of our congregation. Pastor Greg acts as a staff member liaison and representation. We are grateful for the Elder Board’s leadership to navigate the complexities of our times while staying firmly rooted in the unchanging truth of God’s Word.


Grace - I am a follower of Jesus, married to a great guy, Sean, and am mom to two wonderful adult daughters. My happy place is in the garden. Working to bring out the best and helping the plants grow and thrive. I feel that way about people too. I like coming alongside others as they journey and seeing them grow and thrive. In this life there are lots of struggles and challenges and lots of opportunities for prayer, encouragement, forgiveness, and God’s redeeming love. This kingdom God is establishing, it too is a bit of a garden, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.


AnneMarie - I love the local church and Jesus’ church - Jesus has called us to be in community, creating spaces for His people. After being on staff at Sherwood Park Alliance Church for 10+ years I now have the privilege of working for an organization that serves some of the most vulnerable in our community. In my spare time I enjoy a good cup of coffee shared with a friend, reading, spending time outdoors, cooking, baking, or meandering through a store with beautiful yarn for my latest knitting project. Some of my favourite moments though are all about entering into spaces where we can share our stories, what we are learning, what Jesus has been teaching us, as well as the celebrations, joys and challenges we are encountering. And the icing on the cake is when this includes my 3 kids and their significant others gathering around the table with coffee or a meal!


Trent - Trent and his wife Shauna have been attending Sherwood Park Alliance Church since the late nineties. Their four adult children have all moved out of province in pursuit of their own life adventures, but were raised in Sherwood Park, attending Sherwood Park Alliance Church and Strathcona Christian Academy. Trent senses our world is experiencing conflict and confusion at an increasingly unpredictable rate, and people are scrambling to find identity and purpose. The hunger for a spiritual awakening is evident. He believes that Sherwood Park Alliance Church is well positioned to be a place of peace, clarity, and understanding. He believes as a church we can reflect the words of Jesus as noted in Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."


Rudy - Director of the Nominating Committee 2024  - Rudy and his wife Louise both grew up in the Fraser Valley of BC, they met in high school, have been married for over 50 years and have been blessed with an amazing family. They began attending Sherwood Park Alliance in 1990 and have served in various capacities since that time. Rudy is excited about the things happening at our church, especially learning about reaching out to the marginalized in society; he looks forward to how God will lead in the coming years.


Greg - Greg has been our Lead Pastor and primary Bible teacher since 2007 and serves on the Board of Elders. He studied at Vanguard University and Fuller Theological Seminary - both in Southern California. This is an indication that he’s an American by birth, but a Canadian by choice! Greg's summer hobbies include motorcycling and golfing, and his winter hobby is waiting for summer. Greg is deeply in love with his wife Corrine (a Registered Nurse), and together they have two adult children.


Kyla - SCA Society Rep - Sherwood Park Alliance has always been an integral part of Kyla's life. She attended SCA growing up and was baptized and married in our church. Now Kyla, her husband Shawn and their three teenage boys call Sherwood Park Alliance home. Currently, her oldest son attends U of A while her other two boys attend SCA secondary. Kyla has served as a volunteer for many years. She is passionate about kids and youth ministries and missions. She loves that the local church is about connecting with people and seeking to follow Jesus in community.


Andrea - Director of the Nominating Committee 2024 - Andrea, her husband Cody and their two kids, Tye (14) and Halle (8), have attended Sherwood Park Alliance since 2014. From the start, SPAC has always offered a warm sense of belonging. Andrea was especially drawn to how it delivered the gospel in a way that portrayed Christ’s beauty and encouraged its members to go and do likewise in and around our community. Over the years, it has been a joy to build relationships with people at our church. Andrea would love it if you invited yourself over for a meal so that new friendships could be made (Even if she accidentally over salts your food).


Al - Al and his wife Lorraine have attended Sherwood Park Alliance church since 1974. He has served on various Alliance church boards and committees for over 40 years. Al has served as a member and chair of the Board of Elders for several terms, and for three years was church treasurer. He is a professional engineer and in 2015 retired as Registrar at the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta – APEGA.


Jonathan - Jonathan and his wife Terri-Lynn have been attending Sherwood Park Alliance since 2014. They have 3 young children. Jenna attends Strathcona Christian Elementary; Owen is graduating from TreeHouse; and Mandy is a TreeHouse prospect. There is never a dull moment at home! Jonathan has served in several ministries at Sherwood Park Alliance over the years. He is passionate about discipleship and raising up the next generation to be fully devoted followers of Jesus.



As we stand on the edge of this new season of Intentional Sucession, we invite you to join us in welcoming all of these members, each chosen for such a time as this to guide our congregation into a future filled with hope, growth, and deepening faith. These leaders embody the spirit of service and the heart of our church’s mission. We’re so thankful for each of them, stepping up to guide SPAC. Keep them in your prayers!