Faith @ Home

A time for you as parents where you can feel empowered, be encouraged, and equip each other by finding opportunities to be in community with other student parents. We want to coach, resource and pray intentionally with each other during these evenings. During the evening we'll have opportunities to break out into smaller groups where you'll have an opportunity to meet other parents, encouragement and pray for each other. 

Preparing to Let Go
A conversation with Pastor James and Annemarie Elzinga

Transitioning from youth to young adult brings all kinds of challenges and rewards - both for our child and for parents. During our evening together we'll talk about how to prepare yourself to let go. How to let go of your child(ren) so they can learn to do life on their own, let go of your expectations, let go and help them find their own faith.  Annemarie has three young adult children ages 25, 23, 22 each at different stages in life. She'll authentically share how she's learned how to let go - the joys, the struggles and fears, the frustrations, and the celebrations. 

Clover Bar (Main) Campus

Annemarie Elzinga
(780) 467-8404


Date / Time
  • Tuesday, May 18, 2021 @ 7:00 PM