Legacy Giving Information Session

Your Will is the last statement you will ever make. You want it to be a meaningful one! The inheritance you leave to your loved ones is about more than the monetary assets of your estate. It is about their best interests and the values you want to pass on.
  • What will be the spiritual inheritance you leave?
  • Do you have a Will that adequately reflects your heart and properly prepares the next steward?
  • Will your legacy of giving extend beyond your own life?

The estate specialists at ADVISORS with Purpose (C&MA partner)... will answer questions about your estate and help you align your wishes with God's purpose. Questions like:
  • How much is enough for me?
  • How much is enough for my family?
  • How much is enough for charity?
Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of whether you have a lot or a little, join us as we host two information sessions.
May 28th | 1 pm or 7 pm 
light refreshments provided

Marcie Rempel

Fireside Room

Date / Time

Registration closed on Monday, May 27, 2019