Greetings From Serbia

Greetings From Serbia: An Update from Danny and Vera Kuranji

Glen and Ruth Tjostheim recently had a chance to talk with Danny and Vera Kuranji and wanted to share the following with you  knowing that you will be encouraged!
The Temerin Center continues to be an excellent location for the rehab ministry, and it is being well used. Once again, they express their overwhelming gratitude for this space and the role which Sherwood Park Alliance was able to play in making this happen. Currently, there are a total of 24 men living at the two centers (Temerin and Novi Sad).
Over the last three months, Danny & Vera have spent a lot of time investing in the various leaders of the rehab centers. Not only are they seeing positive results from that investment, but there is also a renewed spiritual vitality and sensitivity amongst the men in the program. The Kuranjis are especially encouraged by the men’s desire to learn about how to share the gospel with others.
Danny and Vera have sent the following video update, so you can see for yourself how your investment of time, prayer and resources is reaping rich rewards in Novi Sad, to the glory of God!

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