Faith at Home: Navigating Technology With Our Youth

Jordan Cavanaugh, our guest speaker at our Faith @ Home event, shared helpful, up-to-date information on technology and its influence on our youth. He discussed how the over-usage of "screens" have significantly impacted students' sleep, cognitive development, and mental health. He also brought up the concern over the lure of pornography and how it has played a leading role in how students view their own sexuality. Shepherding our kids can be such a lonely and overwhelming task!
Watch or listen to the entire episode to gain valuable insight on what you can do to help your family and youth navigate technology in a healthy manner.  Resources are available that include a technology contract to help you create guidelines on technology use at home. As well as a conversation starter you can have with your students to help navigate technology usage in your home.


Technical Information and Resources
Questions to Start the Tech Conversation
Family Tech Contract

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