Justice and Compassion Ministries exercise our missions strategy through three areas of partner focus:
  • Compassion Partners
  • Missions Partners
  • International Workers
In order to do this well and to serve well, we are committed to seeking out and developing mission partnerships in a strategic way. Our Guiding Principles provide an overview of what we adhere to when bringing on new partnerships.
We can not do this alone. The key to being able to oversee so many opportunities is our reliance on volunteers.  These leaders are vital to help address all of these needs.
Along with our Guiding Principles, SPAC's approach to Missions is with a 'Family First' mentality by focusing our activities and attention into places and people in which we as a church already have relationships.
  • those ministries where people from our church is engaged
  • those ministries in which the C&MA in Canada is actively engaged
  • those ministries in which other C&MA churches are active
  • Mission projects or trips that do not adhere to the above guidelines need to be approved by the SPACS Staff and the Board of Elders
Each partnership is unique and our level of involvement and support varies depending on the relationship.

Level 1.png

Level One - Prayer support through organized teams and regular church exposure, regular involvement in missions teams, regular funding, additional support and resources as needed.

Level 2.png

Level Two - Prayer support through exposure at events and church run projects, proposal based funding, volunteer or missions teams support (if applicable).

Level 3.png

Level Three - Prayer, available for exposure in the church, "project specific" support and resourcing.