Year One

Fall Course

Do you ever sense there has to be more to the Christian life than you’re experiencing? Are you new to faith? Jesus’ invitation to discipleship is about an incredible life-long adventure of learning to do all of life, our real everyday life, the good the bad and the ugly, with God. We'll explore questions like What does God really want? Can I really hear His voice?  What about the Holy Spirit?

Winter Course


The truth about who we are – our purpose and our worth – is found in Jesus. There’s freedom in getting our eyes off ourselves and fixed on the adventure of living for God and others! Together we’ll learn how to live in confidence, knowing we're His adopted children and His chosen ambassadors!

Spring Course


Belonging verses isolation . Being a disciple can’t be done in isolation. We'll dialogue about things like, Why church? How can we be unified when we're so different? What are the big goals Jesus has for us? 

Wednesday 9:30 am   Buddy Break - child care program available. $20/child.
Sunday's 9 am  Sonburst - child care program available. No cost.
Tuesday's 7 pm