What is the School of Discipleship at Sherwood Park Alliance Church?
School of Discipleship is a community where you’ll explore the mystery of faith and be challenged to do life with God in a new way. You’ll get to interact with a small group around tables, engage with the Bible, and experience dynamic teaching.

Who can attend the School of Discipleship?

Anyone who is hungry for more of God. Anyone who is tired of trying hard to be good and instead wants to learn to live their whole life in a love relationship with God, being transformed by Him.
How do I register?
Register online
How are the courses structured?
There are six primary classes offered. We do encourage beginning with Father’s Heart and New Identity.  However, we’re delighted to have you join at any point during the year with any of the other classes. 
What are some of the topics that are covered in School of Discipleship?
We cover things like my identity in Christ, hearing God’s voice, will I ever be enough? Who is the Holy Spirit? How can I love people I don’t even like? and much more. Our full course listing includes descriptions for each of the main classes which will give you an idea of the overall themes. 
Where do I start?
 We encourage beginning with the Father’s Heart and New Identity.
When and where does School of Discipleship happen?
Courses are currently offered onsite at the church on Sunday and Tuesday mornings as well as Tuesday evenings. The daytime options include childcare provided through Kid's Ministry. 
Is this primarily for new believers?
This really is for anyone who is hungry for more of God and wants to experience the life changing, transformational message Jesus taught and lived. It’s for sure a great starting point for new believers, but those farther into the journey are making comments like… “I’m so glad to be part of School of Discipleship. My passion for God has been renewed.”, “For the first time I understand what it means to listen to the voice of God throughout my day”.
Does having the word 'school' in the title mean it’s all about academics?
Far from it! The word “disciple” simply means someone who is a learner. Being a Christian is a life-long adventure of learning to live our whole lives, in every season, in a life-giving, loving relationship with God and with others. 
What does a typical class look like?
We've created a unique experience blending teachings and small group settings. This means there'll be both large group teaching and smaller table group discussions about how to apply what we're learning to our everyday lives.
Can I take it with my current small group?
Absolutely. School of Discipleship is based on a relational learning model so inviting people you know to join your table is welcomed. We’re finding that about 6 at a table is ideal, but if you have questions please connect with us.
How much does it cost?
The cost is approximately $20 per course is to cover the materials. We sure don’t want cost to exclude anyone so let us know if some help is needed.
More info
Email us or give us a call 780-467-8404