A Community of 18-29-year-old’s who are trying our best to be:

Hospitable. We’re committed more than ever to being a Hospitable church where it’s possible to belong before you believe.
Transformational. We’re serious about being a Transformational church which produces disciples who love and live like Jesus.
Missional. We're passionate about being a Missional church, known for advancing God’s Kingdom dream locally and globally.
We are all about equipping young adults for a life with God.

Our Gatherings

Saturdays. The Saturday night service is a Hub for us. A service not exclusive to us, but designed with us in mind. We gather with our broader church community to worship and dig into the word. As soon as the service is over, we jump into table discussions, to unpack and apply what we have just worked through as a community. After wrapping up our table discussions, we then break out into time as a community whether sports in the gym, video or table games, or just coffee together. Also, every month, we connect after the service to build community through a larger activity or event.
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