Care & Support

We’ve all had seasons of life where we could use a space to grow in a particularly difficult area of our lives. You can access our care and support services in groups and seminars, at events, and one on one. Let’s figure out together how we can best serve you in your season of life.


It is our desire to make the planning of a funeral or memorial service that honours your loved one as easy as possible. Pre-planning services are also available. 
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Margaret Overland
Ministry Assistant, Adult Ministries

Support Groups and Seminars

In these gatherings you’ll learn practical tools alongside others who are also looking for healing and freedom. There are new opportunities to get connected year-round, so check back regularly for upcoming additions.

Cancer Support Network 

An informal support group for those suffering from cancer and/or their caregivers or loved ones. An opportunity to receive support and encouragement either in person or through other means of communication.
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Conquerors (Men)
In a world of endless temptation in the area of our sexuality, this course offers a safe environment for men to find hope. Join other men in pursuing this freedom together. 
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Finishing Life Well: Preparing For Life's End With Grace And Gusto 
A conversation for those who suspect that one day they will die. Start talking out a plan and perspective that will help overcome our avoidance of death. Make choices to “transform death into the culmination of a life well-lived--rather than an unplanned and unexpected event." This seminar is based on the book "You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto" by Margie Jenkins.
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Foster/Adoptive Families (Families)

Come connect and receive support from other foster and adoptive families. Activities planned for the kids. We gather once every quarter for an afternoon of fun and friendship with activities planned for the kids. 
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Grief Matters (Adults)

Grief Matters provides a foundational framework to assist people through the grief journey, from people in the early days of loss, to those who are “down the road” on their grief journey, and looking to “reorganize” their life.
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Grief Support

Grief is overwhelming and finding a way through it can be difficult. It helps to know that you do not have to grieve alone. Find support, comfort and community with other widows who have experienced a deep loss and discover how God can give you peace and hope through grieving.
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Living with Cancer Seminar

Learn more about what it means to live with cancer and receive support from others who are walking this path. This seminar is for those who are living with cancer, care givers, or those who are supporting a loved one with cancer. 
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One to One 

If you are experiencing a life transition and would benefit from support through listening, encouragement, and prayer, a member of the church is available to meet with you. 
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A visitation team member is available to visit those who are shut in or ill, their families, and those grieving the loss of a loved one. They will be compassionately encouraged and receive prayerful support.
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Widow to Widow (Women)

An opportunity for widows to meet other widows for friendship, support and fun throughout the year. In addition to monthly gatherings, there are informal times to get together around common interests.
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