Millbourne Community Life Centre

Advancing God's Kingdom

Regional Ministry

Regional Ministry

In our Governing Policies Ends Statements, it reads:
  • 1.2 The Ministry impact of Sherwood Park Alliance Church will be felt beyond Strathcona County... as a regional church we will have regional influence.
  • We will work in harmony and not in competition with the Western Canadian District partner churches, other like-minded church and various Kingdom building ministryies in the region (Metro Edmonton).
  • We will have established support, mentoring, and partnership agreements in place with other churches and ministries.
  • Regional Initiatives and ventures will ultimately result in the establishment of new congregations.
  • Our membership voted overwhelmingly to move ahead with the Regional Strategy and the Millbourne project at the June 2021 budget meeting.
  • We are working with the Western Canadian District to obtain the conditional purchase of the property.
  • While many of our church know about Millbourne, the level of commitment is not yet broad or deep.
  • Some of our congregation are highly motivated to be engaged in Millbourne.
Current partners at the Millbourne facility are as follows:
  • Light of Life Christan Ministry Edmonton
  • City South Church
  • The River Community Church
  • Millwoods Friendship Centre - ESL Classes
  • Youth Rise
Project Goals

Project Goals

  1. We have a clear view of the costs of acquiring and operating the Millbourne Facility.
  2. We have a clear view of the needs of the community
  3. We have engaged and know many people living in Millbourne
  4. We have heard the Spirit's voice as to how best to engage with Millbourne
  5. We will have at least 200 people from our church engaged in some aspect of this work