We Care.

Sundays | 10-11 am | Parking Lot (11060-111 Ave NW in Edmonton)
Every Sunday, church happens in a downtown parking lot. Bagged lunches are provided, donated clothes are laid out for those who need them, the love of Christ is shared, and His Word is read. Community happens here!

We Care Food Drive - Helpful Items:
Canned goods (beans, soups and stews)
Pasta and pasta sauces
Canned meats and fish
Canned vegetables and fruit
Whole grain cereals
Peanut butter, assorted nuts
Instant rice
Healthy school snacks

How else can you help make a difference in this community?
PACK bag lunches;
DRIVE equipment from SPAC to our downtown location;
COME share your love and faith;
DONATE in-season clothing.

PRAY for the safety and blessing of those attending.

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