Sometimes God calls us to take a step off of the familiar path and step into something that is unknown. He uses these experiences to help us grow and mature in our faith. It is often during these times that He brings perspective to our lives and facilitates learning opportunities through these experiences. The thing about Detours is that once the trip is done you return on your path of life, hopefully farther advanced, further ahead and completely changed, for the better. Detours are opportunities to see how a step of obedience towards the unfamiliar can be a revitalization of a spiritual journey at any stage of faith and life!
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Our involvement with Food for the Hungry is coming to a close as the community of Mufumya graduates this year! We'll be looking to take a graduation trip Winter 2017 to celebrate. 


You don't have to travel far to experience serving people of another culture. Read more on PALM and see how you can get involved with New Canadians. 
Weekly serving opportunities. 


You don't have to be a part of a formal Detour team to experience ministry life outside your normal routine. Church can happen in a downtown parking lot! Read more on We Care.
Sundays, 10 am