The Board of Elders is Sherwood Park Alliance Church’s elected authority under God and has the responsibility for fulfillment of the mission and vision as well as legal accountability for its operations. As a group they are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the church has a clear vision, mission, values and goals.
  • Providing an example of spiritual maturity to the congregation and the community.
  • Ensuring that a viable, workable strategic plan exists to accomplish the mission and evaluate the plan’s success.
  • Providing adequate resources to the Lead Pastor.
  • Setting policies regarding results expected and establishing limits to the Lead Pastor’s authority.
  • Ensuring financial solvency of the church.

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Glen Tjostheim, Chair

Manny Schmidt, Vice-Chair

Rudy Froese
Nominating Committee

Herb Knierim,
Nominating Committee

Greg Hochhalter, Lead Pastor

Trent Forsberg, Director

Henry Korthuis, Treasurer

Barry Novak, Director

Ken Marshman, Secretary

Jim Thiessen, Director